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What do you call that all-important phrase, paragraph or one-pager that articulates what you want your business to be that which you define in order to drive and fulfill your company's business objectives?  Companies use various terms, sometimes interchangeably, to describe these strategic documents - value propositions, positioning statements, brand propositions, brand statements, to name a few.  While most companies tend to gravitate towards one or another and use it consistently within their organization, going across companies you'll find what is one person\'s value proposition is anothers positioning statement.  We at Mezzanine Consulting LLC consider all these terms to be types of value propositions and have a strong belief that whichever term is used, there is an underlying principle that rings true - these strategic documents are essential in ensuring that your business stays focused and on target. 

We designed our solutions and services with Value Propositions as the core, providing a strong foundation of offerings around the complete Value Proposition Life Cycle - from development through execution and assessment.  These slices of the life cycle cover the many ways in which you work with Value Propositions.  No matter where you are focusing within the life cycle it is vital to recognize both the internal and external aspects of each slice.  Internally all functional areas, such as Marketing, Sales and Operations, just to name a few, should support the Value Proposition.  Externally your various constituents - customers, partners, investors, etc., should see and feel the proposition come to life.  That is why within each slice of the Value Proposition Life Cycle, we provide specific solutions and services that focus on the internal perspective and the external perspective, as well as bringing both perspectives together.  As all of these components of the Value Proposition Life Cycle are never mutually exclusive, we pull together the right combination of these solutions and services to specifically target your needs.

Moreover, it never matters where you are within the life cycle.  For each client, it varies at which point in this life cycle our work begins.  Some are launching a new product in which we help develop a strong, differentiated Value Proposition.  Others have a Value Proposition but need help executing on it properly.  Other still may just want an objective assessment on whether their propositions are in fact translating to their customers the way they intend.  No matter where you are with your value proposition, Mezzanine Consulting LLC has the right set of solutions and services to assist you in achieving your objectives.

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