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You may have heard someone once say the Devil is in the details.  This saying rings true when it comes to executing upon Value Propositions.  Some companies consider value propositions simply a prelude to messaging.  While particularly useful in messaging, we believe Value Propositions offer the business so much more direction in all areas of the business.

A Value Proposition should drive strategic decisions as well as tactical execution.  Only then will it translate to your constituents.  Our solutions and services within this slice of the Value Proposition Life Cycle focus on bringing the internal and external perspectives together to ensure that what we do inside the company translates to the marketplace outside the company.

Internal Perspective

In order to operationalize your Value Proposition you must imbibe them into the day-to-day running of the business.  For some organizations this comes more easily as there may be existing processes in place to support value propositions.  Others benefit from our solutions and services geared towards primarily penetrating your Marketing and Sales organizations for the most immediate gains, and secondarily across the other functional areas for a more complete and long term gain.  We provide assistance through a combination of educational services and business process enhancements.

External Perspective

There is increasing recognition in the marketplace that to remain competitive companies need to provide a good customer experience.  Mezzanine Consulting LLC goes beyond just a good customer experience.  We first and foremost believe you need a differentiated customer experience, one that reflects the differentiation of your Value Propositions.  We also believe this thinking should extend to your other constituents, such as business partners, suppliers, analysts, etc.  That is why we have specific solutions and services geared towards bringing your Value Propositions to life through deliberate constituent experiences that reflect what your proposition promises.  This may include exploring ways to enhance or even reinvent your existing customer touchpoints, as well as applying creative techniques to innovate around new customer touchpoints.  We help you execute the strategic direction defined by your Value Propositions so that it translates to the marketplace in a meaningful and purposeful manner.

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