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Value Propositions

At the core of The Mezzanine ParadigmTM is Value Propositions, what we call those all-important phrases, paragraphs or one-pagers that articulate what you want your business to be - that which you define in order to drive and fulfill your company's business objectives.  You will undoubtedly find that companies use various terms, sometimes interchangeably, to describe these strategic documents - value propositions, positioning statements, brand propositions, brand statements, to name a few.  While most companies tend to gravitate towards one or another and use it consistently within their organization, going across companies you'll find what is one person's value proposition is another's positioning statement.

However, there are good reasons why these various terms exist.  The subtle nuances of each links closely to how a company utilizes them and what they expect them to accomplish.  Mezzanine Consulting LLC recognizes these nuances and has solutions and services tailored to address each accordingly.

Business Value Propositions

Brand Value Propositions

Offering Value Propositions

Operational Value Propositions

Tactical Value Propositions

Organizational Value Propositions

Value Proposition Architectures

Mezzanine Consulting LLC considers all of these various types of propositions to be types of Value Propositions.  Yet we recognize the subtle differences each one provides regardless of how the terms are used within various companies and organizations.  Rest assured we have the right set of solutions and services tailored to address the nuances of each accordingly across the entire Value Proposition Life Cycle.

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