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Determining whether your value proposition is in fact translating the way you intend can be a tricky thing.  Mezzanine Consulting LLC provides solutions and services around assessing the manifestation of your Value Propositions both internally within your organization as well externally to your constituents.  Our methodologies and processes work with the various Value Propositions within your Value Proposition Architecture to ensure your organization is truly living your Value Propositions and that they come to life throughout your customer, business partner or other constituent experience.

Internal Perspective

The greater the number of your company´┐Żs personnel utilizing your Value Propositions, the greater the impact will be on your business.  Mezzanine Consulting LLC works with you to objectively gauge how far your Value Propositions are penetrating your company.  This can be focused around specific functional areas or more broadly across your organization.  You may opt to assess a single Value Proposition or a group of related value propositions within your Value Proposition Architecture.  Regardless of the scope of the assessment, as always we strive to give you realistic, actionable recommendations on how to further operationalize your Value Propositions.

External Perspective

It can be difficult to objectively determine whether the value described in your Value Propositions are manifesting through the experience your constituents have with your business.  Mezzanine Consulting LLC has a structured and methodical approach to assessing the alignment between your customer experience, or other constituent experiences, and your Value Propositions within your Value Proposition Architectures.  We work with you to put together an operational plan that includes realistic, actionable recommendations to close the gaps and ensure your Value Propositions are in fact translating to your constituents.

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