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Mezzanine Consulting LLC provides a broad spectrum of Educational Services at both the macro and micro levels of The Mezzanine ParadigmTM.  We are proud to share our view points on various topics surrounding Value Propositions, whether those topics are explicitly about Value Propositions or more broadly about Marketing or Business concepts that incorporate aspects of Value Propositions.

The formats of our services are flexible to meet your needs.  Our experts conduct seminars that last anywhere from an hour to two full days.  Approaches range from lectures with Q&A, to interactive tutorials and working sessions, while the scope varies from stand alone education to being a part of broader executive educational offering.  We conduct these seminars in-person as well as utilize web-conferencing for remote delivery.

Regardless of the duration, approach, scope, or mode of educational offering, our clients consistently applaud us for making various concepts and ideas more accessible and real.  Our down-to-earth, approachable style encourages participation and fosters new, deeper thinking.  At Mezzanine Consulting LLC, we focus on leaving you and your group with the skills and tools to do something - whether it be doing something new all together or doing something you already do differently.

We at Mezzanine Consulting truly believe knowledge is power.  Contact us for a customized educational offering that brings real learning to your organization.

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