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Operational Value Propositions

While in some instances you may only need a Business or Brand Value Proposition to spark the right actions across your organization.  In other instances you may need to assist other parts of your organization to properly leverage your Business or Value Proposition.  We at Mezzanine have developed Operational Value Propositions to provide more specific direction to the various parts of your organization on how to incorporate the Business or Brand Value Proposition into the day-to-day running of the business.  For example, an Operational Value Proposition may be required to help a specific country or region understand how to bring a global Brand Value Proposition to life within its specific marketplace.  You may need an Operational Value Proposition that speaks specifically to how your Business Value Proposition plays to your business partners versus your customer base.  In all such instances, Mezzanine Consulting LLC ensures the vital link between strategic Business or Brand Value Propositions and Operational Value Propositions are maintained and exploited across the Value Proposition Life Cycle.

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